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Is management VLAN supported on Ruckus Unleashead?

New Contributor III
Hi guys,
I'm trying to set a management VLAN for the Ruckus Unleashead AP but I can't find that option anywhere.
My guess is that it's not supported yet. Can anyone confirm this?


New Contributor III
Hi Javier,

Unleashed is a layer two device only. All APs need to be on the same network subnet. It doesn't matter which VLAN they are on as long as they are all on the same subnet. Now if you are asking about a management address that is different from the APs addresses so you can use one address to always get to the master that will be coming in future releases scheduled for 4th quarter.

And yes I am a Tech Support Engineer at Ruckus.

New Contributor III
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. I understand that they needed to be on the same subnet, but my question was because on a ZoneFlex standalone AP and also on a managed AP there's an option where you can assing to the APs a VLAN exclusively for management, so those frames are tagged on the switch, but in Unleashed AP I didn't find that option, what I had to do was to set on the switch the VLAN I wanted to use as untagged vlan, that way I was able to manage the AP on the desired subnet.

Hi Javier,

That's excatly the way to do it. Nice workaround.