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I have 3 x R500 Unleashed, DHCP problem

New Contributor

Hi All,

I have three R500(, one for Master AP, And I want to set root AP to do redundant.

I have set DHCP from Management web GUI (,

Master Port1 set to WAN port and IP is,

AP2 and AP3 Port1 set ip is and,

Then I can see the three AP is working from Management web GUI,

But if I connect to AP2 or AP3 with wifi ,I have get IP from DHCP service by inside network DHCP server) ,

If I connect to AP1 with wifi, I can get IP,

How can I do? I want to get R500 dhcp service ip( from all APs.

Now I use the Mesh to connect Master AP and AP2,AP3, is working fine.

But no have redundant....

Thanks for your help.