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How do I set 160Mhz Channelization on R610 Unleashed?

New Contributor II
I'd like to use 160Mhz Channelization for my R610 Unleashed in order to get the maximum throughput with my new Intel 9260 Wireless Adapter.

I can't find a setting for this an it only uses 80MHz channels at the moment.

Valued Contributor
Hi Michael,

It appears the Unleashed R610 does not support 160MHz channel width functionality:

The Maximum Data Rate on the 5GHz radio is 1300Mbps, which equates to a modulation scheme of 256-QAM 5/6, 80Mhz channel, Short Guard Interval, with a 3x3:3 adaptor.

However I would comment that the chances of you being able to effectively use 160MHz channels in a real-world environment are slim.  There would need to be almost no other 5GHz Wi-Fi networks in use in your location for it to be worthwhile implementing.

The access point hardware does support 160MHz channels so your could try the Ruckus 'standalone' firmware to see if this allows you to use 160MHz.  Unfortunately I've not been able to confirm this.

I hope that helps,

Hi Darrel,

I wonder if the R610 is able to use 2 spatial stream with 64-QAM 5/6 and 160 MHz which would also result in 1300Mbps. See 

Is it a limitation of the Unleashed Product?


New Contributor II
Hi Darrel,

the specs of the R610 actually do state that is has a channelization of: 20, 40, 80, 160/80+80 MHz

So it should be capable of supporting this. Question is how?


Valued Contributor II
I recall when I dug through the AP command line interface, I did see command line options to set channelization to 160. Might be worth a try but it’s not a very good idea given how few contiguous 160MHz channels there are...