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How do I set 160Mhz Channelization on R610 Unleashed?

New Contributor II
I'd like to use 160Mhz Channelization for my R610 Unleashed in order to get the maximum throughput with my new Intel 9260 Wireless Adapter.

I can't find a setting for this an it only uses 80MHz channels at the moment.

Yeah, so if the Unleashed CLI is similar to other OS (vSZ) CLI commands, something like the following might let you adjust the channel width beyond what the unleashed GUI allows.

set cwmode : set cwmode {0|2|3|4|5|6} (0=20Mhz, 2=40MHz 3=10MHz 4=80 5=160 6=80_80MHz)
                 -- Set 11N channel width mode

so "set cwmode wifi1 <5 or 6>"

I tried via the CLI but the command to set the channelization is different and only allows up to 80 MHz:

„radio 5 channelization number 80“ works but „radio channelization number 160“ results in an error.

Looks like you can’t use other values than the GUI.

Any further ideas?

It could be a limitation of Unleashed code then.  As here is the output from me attempting to change the channel widts of an R610 in our vSZ platform.

vsz# remote ap-cli xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx "get cwmode wifi1"
Channel Width Mode: 40 MHz (2)

vsz# remote ap-cli xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx "set cwmode wifi1"
parameter error
Usage: set cwmode {0|2|3|4|5|6} (0=20Mhz, 2=40MHz 3=10MHz 4=80MHz 5=160MHz 6=80_80MHz)


So it seems to support it in the vSZ platform.  But do note I did not try to change it as this is an AP in production service clients that I cannot test with.  Next time I'm in my office and can hunt down an R610, I'll actually test and see what the output it.

New Contributor II
I had the same problem with my R720 Unleashed.  There was no option for 160 MHz, and although setting cwmode to 5 or 6 worked it quickly changed back to 4.  I have installed the Solo firmware and that allows me to set 160 MHz and it is working great.  I would really prefer Unleased firmware so if you guys could fix it that would be appreciated.

New Contributor II
Also got an r720 and extremely bummed there is no 160mhz, which is the reason i got it over the cheaper r710.   Are there plans to implement it?