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How do I choose which SSID to use on which AP on Ruckus Uleashed ?

New Contributor

We use 25 Ruckus R310 APs in our institution.

The version information of APs is Unleashed
There can be up to 25 APCs in this version with only one AP CONTROLLER. but we can not choose which SSID to use on which AP.

 Could you be a helper?

Contributor II
You are looking for AP group where you could have different characteristics for different AP groups including which WLAN is available on which AP group. In Unleashed, all APs are part of the same group. This is mentioned in online documentation as well

You may want to think about splitting your network in to two (or more - based on what you are trying to achieve). Thus, you may create separate WLANs on these networks.

Ruckus Unleashed mobile app could help monitor & manage those networks.