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Help with new WAPs setup

New Contributor II
Hello all,

I am new to the Ruckus world. I have an Araknis router with AN100 WAPS, but am upgrading to Ruckus R710 and R510 unleashed WAPs. I recently upgraded to GigaBit internet service (Cox cable).  I configured the R710 last night, which was very easy to do. I plan to add an R510 to the other side of my house to get full coverage. Do I set the second WAP up the same way? I plan to use just one SSID from both WAPS on 2.4 and 5. Thanks!

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, that's the simplest way.  If both APs operate in Solo/Standalone mode and are on your LAN so wireless clients get DHCP/DNS/Def-GW from the Cox box, you will briefly re-authenticate when you roam between APs but not likely noticeable.For sharing Apps/Streaming video/etc, you might need to fiddle with multicast settings for clients on both APs to see/communicate with each other.

New Contributor II

Thanks Michael. Where are those multicast settings located? I am amazed how well the R710 and R510 perform, and how easy they are to set up (unleashed). Using, I tested the Ruckus APs vs my old APs. At my desktop, via LAN I am getting download speeds in the 800-850 Mbps. My old WAPs would give me about 150-190 Mbps. The Ruckus 710 and 510 give me 330+ Mbps. I thought about creating seperate 2.4 and 5 WLANS, but not sure how much more speed I can realistically expect? The Ruckus signal strength/range is better too. Quite happy with the products!