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Guest Access without daily device login

New Contributor II
We have guest access set up with a shared password.  We use this for guests and for our BYOD policy.  For mobile phones and the like that people bring daily, how can we get it so that they do not need to open the site, type in the password to connect?  We need it to work as a WPA would.  Or do I need to set up a standard one and just put restrictions around it?

New Contributor III
You can setup an standard usage WLAN and apply the same policy as you have on your guest WLAN. Simply copy the policy rules and apply them to the new one. there was an option by the way wether to show or not to show the portal. at least for ZD there was

Correct, I have ZD in other spots and I dont have this issue.  I have to figure out how to apply those policies though....

if you have a ZD you can simply apply them under the advanced options of your WLAN settings. But before you do that you have to prepare a policy and name the specific policy. That way you wil have the option to apply it at WLAN level bij a dropdown menu. And just choose the name of your policy.

got it!  It's just the ACL for the LAN access, 172,10, and 192.