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Find OID for SNMP reporting

New Contributor

Hi all!

I have 2 ruckus unleashed R500 AP's running on the network. Since they support SNMP, i would like to monitor them via my home domotica system. That system needs the OID numbers (not the text in the like in the SNMP Reference guide, but the 1.3.x.x.x etc numbers)of the devices in order to pull the correct data from the AP's. 

I have most of them but would like some traffic reporting as well. I've connected the devices to PRTG to see what they send out and one of the sensors that is created automaticlly is a traffic sensor called WLAN32, it shows the data i want. Since PRTG does not show the OID name, i tried looking for this sensor in the MIB files provided by Ruckus. But I cannot find an OID that reports back traffic. There are some in the mib files, but they all report back NULL when i test them. 

Who can tell me the correct OID for monitoring webtraffic? 



New Contributor

This would have been awesome to see the answer on. Did you ever figure it out?  Can you share the OID numbers you have working so far?