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Dedicated Master removal

New Contributor II

So i gave the dedicated master the old college try and am not impressed for smaller offices. If i want to nuke it, do i have to rebuild it all? Or do i just pull it from the environment and unleashed will go back to dedicated master-less?  I am not finding much documentation on this other than the warning when you turn it on that it cant be turned off without a factory reset on that ap.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Tim,

As I understand that you want to enable the dedicated master on the unleashed controller.

Please provide the below details

1) Unleashed controller firmware version

2) Model of the APs managed by unleashed controller

For more details please refer the below unleashed 200.13 online document

New Contributor II

That is not even close to what i asked. I already enabled it, now I want to remove it. It barely brings anything new and just wastes extra POE power as far as i can see.  My question is, how do i turn it off? It looks like i will need to rebuild everything from scratch which is not ideal.

New Contributor II is unleashed version and r750 are the APs. But i am guessing the answer is you cant remove a dedicated master and will have to rebuild. Which seems silly. Isnt there a way to backup the SSIDs and their settings and restore after master is removed?

Hi @tim_lillis 

You can enable Dedicated Master mode only when the Master AP is an R750 AP or R850 AP. Once this feature is enabled, you cannot disable it, you can only do the Factory reset on the Master and bring it up on the network.