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Connect Unleashed R500 to ZoneDirector 1200

New Contributor II
Hello Guys

Is it possible to connect a Unleashed R500 to a ZoneDirector 1200 because I can see the AP on the ZoneDirector but every time I try to manage it, I get this message:

"This Access Point is not yet approved and connected. Click "Allow" action (if present) and wait for the AP to complete connection."

And I can't find the setting to get it away...

Thanks for your efforts in advance.


Contributor III
Unleashed is controllerless AP software and you cannot monitor an Unleashed AP on a ZD.

New Contributor II
thanks @Sean

Contributor III

i am not 100% if this is working.
But i was able to switch Software between Unleased SW (not ZD manageable) and ZF SW (ZD manageable). Of course you need a License for your AP if you want to use it with your ZD.

I downloaded the ZF Version for this AP and did a factory reset on my unleased R500.
After connecting to the unleashed provisioning SSID i did a Firmware Upgrade on the first screen and selected the ZF Version File i have downloaded. After doing so i had a AP who can be manged by ZD.

Maybe it helps.

Kind Regards

Your not therefore connecting an unleashed AP to the ZD. All you are doing is flashing an AP with either ZD or Base 100 image and migrating the AP to the ZD.

If the question was "can I migrate an Unleashed AP to a ZD", then off course the answer would be yes as the r500 AP has multi platform support i.e. Unleashed, SZ, SCG, vSCG, ZD and stand alone.