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Can you disable SSL/ TLS termination on an R600?

New Contributor

I have a webserver behind a Ruckus unleashed R600 in gateway mode.

The Ruckus R600 tries to terminate the TLS connection. I would like it to pass the TLS request through without intercepting it. I've enabled port forwarding on ports 80 and 443.

Is this possible?

p.s. I have multiple domains with multiple certs terminated in different places.


Contributor II

You can try this if you are running in standalone mode.

ssh to the R600.  If you get the prompt "rkscli:", run the following

set http disable
set https disable

However you are running Unleashed in Gateway Mode, so it is running NAT as well as the web server in the AP for the management WebUI which cannot be turned off or remap the tcp port number.