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Can I see competing networks from the management page?

Contributor II
I was working on another company's wifi unit recently and it showed what other wifi networks were in the area, their signal strength and if I recall what channels they were using.   Can I see this from the unleashed web interface?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Boedillard,

In Ruckus Networks we list all devices detected by the radio as Rogue devices even when they are neighbor systems.

To see the list of devices detected by unleashed AP's - go to Services::Wips, select Rogue Devices then click on the + button to see the signal level each unleashed AP is detecting the neighbor or rogue devices.

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Malicious Rogue detection can be turned on to find devics that are on the same wired network, transmitting the same SSID as your network or spoofing the MAC address of one of the unleashed AP's.  You can enable Rogue mitigation which can block clients from connecting to Malicious Rogue devices but this can also cause valid clients to be disconnected for MAC clone AP's.

I hope this information is helpful

Thanks for choosing Ruckus Networks - a Commscope company.

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