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Can I create a larger than 128 count Layer 2 Mac ACL list with a Zone director?

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Currently we are just using Ruckus Unleashed with a bunch of 510 APs with whatever AP comes on line first as the controller.   With the current Ruckus software/firmware we have a maximum approved list of 128 devices for an SSID.    I can create more SSIDs and then use a different ACL list but ideally it would be just the one SSID for that Vlan with just one acl layer 2 group.    I'm having trouble finding any useful information about the zone director on the zone director web page.   Is it possible with a ZD1200 to have an acl list of more than 128 mac addresses?

We use WPA2 but want ACL as well.


RUCKUS Team Member

The Zone Director and the Smart Zone controllers have the same 128 maximum MAC for L2 ACL's.

This is implemented in the AP radio and is a limitation of the radio chipset.

An alternative is to do MAC authentication, but this requires and external RADIUS server.


New Contributor
Hi  Albert Pierson,

Can you share documents or articles about MAC authentication and RADIUS server configuration?


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Nadun,

Here are some Knowledge base articles available on the support portal:

mac authentication using radius server 

How to configure MAC authentication with RADIUS

MAC address filtering compared to MAC authentication 
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Is it possible to configure Mac authentication without a AAA server 

Would it be possible to configure a Mac authentication for an SSID without using any valid AAA server?

I hope you find these articles helpful.