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Announcement: Unleashed (GA) and new Mobile App UMA v1.9.3

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus is happy to announce Unleashed200. controller-less, GW router capable,

WLAN solution for SMBs,delivering optimal user experience atan affordable price.  Our

Unleashed Cloud servers are updated, so your Online upgrades will install this version.


This (GA) releaseintroduces support for R610 Wave 2 11ac AP, and a newUnleashed

Mobile App for Android/iOS. Designed to help with new network setup (

to network monitoring, this initial release willget even more features / functions soon.


Here are Support URLs to UnleashedFW/Docs and the Unleashed Mobile Apps product page.



Unleashed (GA)Release Notes:


Unleashed (GA)What’s New:


Unleashed (GA)Troubleshooting Guide:


Unleashed (GA)Online Help (Admin Guide):


Unleashed (GA)Software Release (.zip):


Unleashed (GA) SNMPMIBs (.zip):



Unleashed Mobile App v1.9.3 forAndroid and iOS product page:


Unleashed Mobile App v1.9.3Release Notes (for Android):


Unleashed Mobile App v1.9.3Release Notes (for iOS):


Unleashed Mobile App v1.9.3Firmware Download (for Android and iOS):



Unleashed Mobile App New Features


-         InitialDeployment of Unleashed APs

-         Dashboardwith quick overview of Unleashed Network

-         BasicCreate / Edit / Delete WLANs

-         PingCapability

-         SpeedFlexfrom AP to Client and AP to AP

-         EnableMesh on Network

-         UpgradeFirmware of AP

-         ApplicationRecognition

-         Enable/DisableRadio of an AP

-         Enable/DisableRadios of Entire Network


Unleashed Versions Supported


-         Unleashed200.3

-         Unleashed200.4


Supported OS & Devices


-         iOSdevices:  iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus

        =  OS version iOS 9+

-         Androiddevices: Nexus 4,5,7, Samsung S5, S7

        =  OS version Android 4.2+



New Contributor II
Does iphone7 supported to configure Unleashed Devices?
or both app and Unleashed Devices are not supported?