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11 APs, 1 AP is not giving DHCP sometimes.

New Contributor II
I have 11 R310 APs running in Unleashed Mode with code -  I have a Single AP in the group that is not providing DHCP for all connections.  It seems half the connections get a DHCP address and the other half do not.  I've reviewed all other APs and this is the only one doing this.  I've restarted the AP but that does not help.  I have another AP on the same switch with the same settings without any issues.  Could there be something wrong with the AP, I've never seen anything like this?

Esteemed Contributor II
Not likely... need better analysis (sniffer trace at AP and DHCP server) to know what's really happening.
Swap AP with another R310 on a different switch(?), and upgrade to current Unleashed version are my
other suggestions.

New Contributor II
I did an upgrade last night and didn't have any complaints today going to see how it works out.