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New R350 Wi-Fi 6 AP on-demand recording is available on the Partner portal

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Checkout the details of the new entry level R350 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP in the July RUCKUS LIVE! on-demand webinar:

RUCKUS Live! The New RUCKUS R350 Indoor AP: Wi-Fi 6 Without Breaking the Bank

Introducing the New RUCKUS R350 Indoor AP: Wi-Fi 6 Without Breaking the Bank

Smaller locations can face big-time demands on their wireless infrastructure. Whether working out of a small office or connecting to a public hotspot, users are often still accessing the same high-bandwidth applications and content they’d consume anywhere else. And they expect strong, reliable connectivity.

How can you provide it without breaking the bank? The new RUCKUS® R350 Wi-Fi 6, IoT ready indoor access point. Delivering 802.11ax wireless connectivity, combined with all the RUCKUS patented technologies for performance optimization and interference mitigation found in our premier access points.

The R350 offers superior user experience and extended ranges at an affordable price without compromising performance and reliability.