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WiSE Level 2 training material

New Contributor II
Is there any training material for the WiSE Level 2 course? I'm not seeing any after I enroll in the course.

Please disregard, I found them. I assumed since the only course listed under the Level 2 was the site survey that it would give me those training materials. I needed to enroll in that course specifically.

Also I have experience that Wise 2 level 2 exam is not complitely covered by training course on site -- there are questions which you must know from your practical experience. So it is not "read ppt and fill the test"  type of exam, even so it is not as technical as similar tests from other vendors.

Information about site survey in training course is very basic, to do it properly I would recommend also to look on Ekahau and/or Airmagnet webinars and trainings, which are much more specific. Ekahau webinars are available for free to everybody, Airmagnet - if you have they product.

Thanks for the feedback.  I will bring this to the attention of the full training team and we will address the shortcoming.

Hi, every body. is there any test simulator for ruckus wise level 2 exam?