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Cloudpath 5.1 and SmartZone SE Accreditation Exam

New Contributor
I took two exams: Cloudpath 5.1 SE and Partner Assessment - Accreditation Exam and SmartZone SE & Partner Assessment – Accreditation Exam. How do I see if I pass or no, which answers was incorrect? The exam page says "Not permitted".

Hi ,Please guide ,how to crack exam

Frown Face (not good post)...  We don't share "crack" advice on Ruckus forums please.

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Hi Oleg, 
I don't know how helpful I can be but here are my thoughts on the exams and how to pass them.

Firstly there is a problem with some of the questions for the SZ exam that I took. One of the questions was incomplete so it was a guess as to the answer there were other questions that did not present any correct answer so I selected the closest answer. The other issue I found with this exam is that it covers topics that are not covered in the training.  

I my opinion this exam was not well written and appears to be written in isolation to the training.

Have the vSZE & vSZH manuals on tab when doing the exam also if possible ensure that you have access to a vSZ just to clarify where different settings are. I have installed numerous vSZe's over the past 3 years so I have a good working knowledge of the product which probably helped.

Down load and configure an instance of VSZ prior to doing the exam and look at where different settings are done.

In regards to Cloudpath. If you have a good knowledge of PKI  and if you have completed the training you should be able to pass.

This exam matched the train better so If you have not completed the train I recommend you do so.

I have also had practical experience with cloud path and it competitor Clear Pass which essentially functions the same.  Have a grid conceptual understanding of the product helps. Talk to your local SE and see if you can get access to a 30 day cloud trial to be come familiar with the product. 

The sales training for these two exams is also helpful so try them and earlier vision of the Cloudpath training. 

Web based training is great and convenient but it is never as good as hands on training and actual experience using a product.

I hope this is of some help. 



Hello Shane,

That exams seems took from another course, pretty weird.

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Anyone Please share study material for Cloudpath 5.1 SE