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vSZ, has anyone upgrade to firmware version 5?

Contributor II
We are running firmware version 3.6.1 on our two vSZ controllers against about 400 R710s and a handful of T710s. vSZ firmware version 5 came out a week ago and after reading the release notes we are still trying to decide if we should upgrade or wait until 5.1 comes out.

Has anyone upgraded to vSZ 5 yet? If so, how is it working for you?

Well, to be fair there are differences (but no major negative differences I would like to mention). The bug fixes mentioned was enough to move over to it, as for new features, there isn't any killer features (unless you have their switch line).

Contributor II
If we are not using Ruckus switches, are their other compelling features and/or fixes that would make an upgrade wise?

I liked the following in the release notes to make the jump:
  • WISPr Survivability (since we use external WISPr for guest services)
  • Per-Packet Tx Power Adaption, seems like this would be a good performance boost
  • Might give the cell sizing feature another try
  • Packet capture from GUI is a nice feature
  • If you have Chromecasts, then you'll want this update
  • Always good to have bug fixes patched up as well

New Contributor III
I haven't switched, but I noticed they are no longer supporting any legacy APs like the 7982 that were supported in 3.6.1.