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upgrade firmware via tftp in mm2211

New Contributor II
I have a mm2211 model ap with customized firmware. I am unable to manage the ap.I successfully connected a serial console to it. Need help for flashing original firmware via tftp.

Esteemed Contributor II
If you factory default the mm2211 with a paperclip in the hard reset hole for 8 sec,
it should reply to with login credentials super/sp-admin. Here are the
latest firmware code and control file to put on your FTP/TFTP server. Use the GUI
as it's much easier to use for upgrade, than the serial console CLI.

today how to download the fireware?

New Contributor II
Thanks for a fast reply.
I alredy tried hard reset but the firmware in device both backup and main are hard reset not working.
Given links of firmware and control file are not working.
Please give me correct links for download. It would be helpful if there is a guide available for tftp or serial flashing.