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VLAN Pooling, static IP address for one device

Contributor II
We have the following vlans setup with corresponding DHCP scopes

We are running vSZ with the latest firmware and 410 R710 APs. We are using vlan pooling for our guest SSID using the above vlan ranges. This is all working great with one exception. I have one laptop that needs to get through our firewall using ports 4148 and 4149 to an external IP address. Normally I set a static IP address in this situation so I can configure the firewall rule properly. If the IP address on the laptop were to change, the firewall rule no longer works. I cannot set a DHCP reservation for this laptop since vlan pooling does not allow it. I went directly to the laptop, set a static IP address and it while it still sits on our guest wireless it has no internet access.

Any workaround here?