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Upgrading standalone AP via TFTP

New Contributor
I have many 7363 APs. I also have a ZD1100. I have upgraded the firmware on all APs using the ZD1100, but when I operate them in stand-alone mode it appears they run a separate firmware. I am unable to upgrade beyond 9.4 using the TFTP method as the AP reports insufficient memory to do the upgrade.

How do I upgrade my 7363 APs to the latest stand-alone 9.6.x firmware?


Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Unable to perform firmware upgrade on a Standalone AP topic.

Valued Contributor II
The easiest way is to use the 'Local' option which should be available on anything higher than 9.0. Download the image from the support site to your PC, then just hit the Upgrade button and upload that file. If it still reports a memory error, please open a support case.

New Contributor
Am I correct in thinking that the upgrade option is only available if the AP is running standalone?  I've been trying to upgrade the firmware on an AP that is on the network and the upgrade option doesn't appear on the menu.    Not sure why the gui was designed that way.   Seems like upgrading the firmware should not require this extra step of taking the device off the network.   (Especially when I don't have access to any poe capability off the network and I never got the adapter plugs) .     I've tried auto update from the ZD and this just won't work for some reason.   So, I guess I'll have to rig something up to manually update standalone.