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Upgrade path for ZD 3025 from 9.0

New Contributor
I need to upgrade a ZD3025 from 9.0 all the way up to 9.7

I am awaiting for our official support to be processed but wanted to factor in the amount of upgrades I would need to do and reboots for our change window.



Thanks Keith, however we have nearly 50 spread across the UK and it's going to be quite a challenge to disconnect them all. I will just let them do their thing, sounds like they are quite robust.

I meant take the ZD off the network. When the upgrade is complete - reconnect and the AP's will re-discover the controller, and get their upgrade. This will be especially useful when your network is spread out as it will avoid long delays between upgrades while the AP's get theirs.

Ahh - that's a great idea - will certainly do that.

Valued Contributor
As background addendum: a recent Q & A highlights why the temptation to jump from say 9.0 to 9.7 in one upgrade would be a bad idea (assuming it didn't just produce a brick).