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R710 Indoor Home Use questions & Compatibility with Outdoor units

New Contributor
Hi all!  I am a relative wifi newb, and am currently completing construction of a new home.  The home is 6500 sf, and I have hardwired 3 APs thoroughout the house.  All TVs and desktops as also hardwired.  I had hooked up 3x Ubiquiti AC Pros - but seems like the configuration aspect of these is a little tricky with no knowledge about this stuff.

I was suggested by someone (who was a huge help) to use 3x unleashed R710s for superior coverage and much easier setup.  He walked me through how to flash them etc - I can handle all of that.

My main issues with the AC pros are - not much coverage right outside the house, and the fact that I cannot (or rather dont know how to) configure signals etc.

Does anyone know if I need to add an outdoor AP - if other ruckus units will work with the R710s?  Also - do you guys think this is the correct application for the R710s?  I am still under the amazon return period for the AC pros, and can source the R710s for about $100 a piece.

Thanks in advance!

Esteemed Contributor II
That's a bargain for R710s at $100 and they should seriously outperform the AC pros.

If you locate your APs so that you have good coverage areas, they should be able to
get around most walls/windows.  If you have an outside AP, it will try to mesh with the
nearest indoor AP (strongest signal), and having one of your indoor APs near a window
close to the outdoor AP will give you the best link rates.

Unleashed is pretty flexible and manageable and includes mesh feature for indoor/outdoor,
and having 3+ APs means they will negotiate/choose the best client channels for you too.

Contributor III
The R710 is a great AP but if you’re getting it for $100, something is wrong. It’s either gray market or worse (stolen) — that will void the limited lifetime warranty, and Ruckus support won’t touch it if you have any problems.

New Contributor
Sorry guys that was a bad typo!  I paid $215 per unit!

To add exterior APs, do they have to be R710s, or any ruckus exterior unit that we can flash the unleashed software on?

Contributor III
Any of the Ruckus 802.11ac w1 or w2 APs support Unleashed. The T310c is your best choice if you need a general purpose omni. The older T300 model is also good but it’s EOL so future firmware upgrades won’t be possible.

Good luck and hopefully you don’t have problems or need support. At $215, you’ll have a problem.