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One SZ100 and AP's in multiple countries.

New Contributor II
Hi all, 

we have a configuration where we have once central SmartZone100 cluster which serves many AP's spread over multiple countries. 

As the country code configured in the SmartZone will be applied to all connected AP's, we are unable to configure certain AP's to a different country code. 

Is there a way to overrule the country code for certain AP's? 


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Michael,

   Yes, you can use a central SZ (SCG/vSZ-H) to manage APs in more than one country,
and remote APs can connect with your SZ in any country..  There is a Country Code setting under
each AP Zone that you setup.  You must puchase APs with the matching country code for that AP
zone, is the correct planning/deployment strategy.


i can't find the option to create a new AP zone. Is it possible with a Smartzone 100?

Sorry, not applicable to SZ-100/vSZ-E, which are Single Zone devices.

The central SCG/vSZ-H controllers can manage APs in multiple countries (in different AP zones).

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Michael,

On SZ-100, we cannot configure AP zones.

Use vSZ-High Scale or SCG-200 to achieve your requirement where you can create multiple AP zones with different country codes.