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Issues with Mixed Mode

New Contributor III
We run a ZD1200 with 6 networks and 20 AP's. I keep running into issues with AES devices not being able to connect with our network in Mixed Mode (AES+TKIP). The only solutions I've come up with are to change the client network settings to TKIP, or clone the network and change the algorithm on the clone to AES. Neither are ideal when we have guests in our facility

Esteemed Contributor II
All wireless chips after 1995 should have AES compatibility.  We recommend configuring your WLANs with WPA2/AES combination
for best results, unless you specifically have to use ancient technology like WEP or TKIP with scanners, meters, real old wifi printers.

New Contributor III
The managed IT service that set this up insists that mixed mode works, however, I can prove that it does not. The last time I had issues I had already changed the algorithm over to AES only, but still had the encryption in WPA-Mixed. For now I changed it over to WPA2 to see if the connectivity improves. 

New Contributor
WPA is also not safe. It can be easily cracked; you may want to tell the managed IT service that. It takes 10 to 15 minutes with free programs.