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How to correctly configure a separate VLAN for an SSID

New Contributor II
I am completely stumped as to what I am doing wrong.

So what I'm trying to do is configure a separate VLAN, VLAN18, for my Guest SSID. My setup is:

Zone Director:
- ZD is configured with  2 SSIDs, 1 for Employees and 1 for Guests. WLAN for employees has Access VLAN set to 1, and WLAN for Guest has Access VLAN set to 18.
- My management vlan is VLAN16, although the IPv4 configuration in my ZD has Access VLAN set to 1. Somehow when I configure this to 16, I lose my connection to it, so I leave it at 1.
- Although the WLAN for Employees has Access VLAN set to 1, it gets DHCP from my VLAN 16 DHCP server and users can connect successfully to the VLAN16 network. 
- I set the switchport (Cisco) where my ZD is connected as a trunk port, with 802.1Q and native VLAN set to Vlan16.

- AP port is set to trunk, with Access VLAN set to 1.
- Switchport (HP Procurve) where AP is connected has VLAN16 as untagged port. VLAN18 and the other VLANs in my network are set as tagged.
- Connection flow is ZD < == > Cisco Core Switch < === > HP Procurve < === > AP

I created an Interface VLAN18 in my Core Switch, which directs DHCP requests to my firewall.

With this setup, I test a PC connecting to the Guest WLAN. It successfully gets an IP address from my VLAN18 DHCP server, together with the other network details. However, the PC is not able to ping the gateway.

I've already allowed the whole subnet in the Guest Access restricted subnets.

Sorry for the long read, but I'm just wondering why I can't ping my gateway even if I successfully retrieved an IP address.

Appreciate any help. 🙂


New Contributor III
Hi Emilio : Are you using a Cisco router to determine the VLAN's. What IP address range are you using, and subnets ?

New Contributor II
Hi Gerard,

Yes, we are using a Cisco L3 switch.

VLAN16 (Management and Employees WLAN) -
VLAN18 (Guest WLAN) -

In the L3 switch, I have the following configuration.

interface Vlan16 ip address
 ip helper-address
 ip helper-address
 no ip redirects
 standby 16 ip
 standby 16 priority 110
 standby 16 preempt
interface Vlan18
 ip address
 ip helper-address
 no ip redirects
 standby 18 ip
 standby 18 priority 110
 standby 18 preempt

VLAN16 is using a Windows DHCP server, while VLAN18 uses my firewall. I've membered one of my firewall ports to VLAN18 and configured a DHCP server there, with the IP

ZD -
AP -

New Contributor III
I'm wondering, have you tried taking out the gateway address in the ZD.