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GRE VPN between AP and Ruckus controller

New Contributor
My Ruckus controller and AP are in the same subnet.
I'd like to test GRE VPN between them.
General purpuse is actually create GRE VPN between controller and AP-s in different subnets, because some of them are located in other buildings connected via VPN over WAN.
That makes probably possible to use same subnet for wifi clients behind local AP and as well behind AP-s of other sites.
First of all is better to start testing in local site.
Is that enough to turn on ""Tunnel VLAN traffic throgh Ruckus GRE" and "Enable Proxy ARP" on controller?
These 2 checkboxes doesnt bring GRE VPN up.
What should I do more?

Esteemed Contributor II
You cannot configure GRE VPN between controller and APs on the same local switch.
VPNs are used to tunnel traffic between remote/different subnets, and require a
VPN termination (that uses GRE). Typically you have your controller in a Data Center
and APs are at remote sites.  Can you have a read through the SZ Tunneling Interface
reference guide, and see if this answers some of your questions?