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Does work with Windows 8.1 yet?

New Contributor
Does work with Windows 8.1 yet?

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the ZoneFlex (9.6 MR1) Maintenance Release Now Available topic.

Valued Contributor II
No unfortunately we haven't announced Windows 8.1 support for Zero-IT yet.

New Contributor
I need this working.. when is it going to be fixed.. this is the stupidest thing I've seen.
I have a windows 8.1 acer and can't log in with the captive portal

New Contributor
Windows 8 is also frustrating our network. Windows 8.1 on a Dell E5530. Secure connection. Lasts indefinitely and then must disable/re-enable wifi card to make it work. Unsecure connection has been working for 3 hours now which is longer than I have been able to get a secure connection to last. Can't say it's Ruckus or Windows 8 or some blame in both but.....

This actually sounds like a problem with the wireless driver. Some don't play well with ChannelFly. If it's on, you might try switching to static channels or background scanning instead.