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Devices behind wireless bridge do not getting an ip addresses from DHCP

New Contributor II
I have 7372 AP running 100.1.x.x.x... (jsut updated today). Everything works fine except for a device that is connected to a wireless bridge. The device will not get an ip address from the DHCP. I have Ruckus configured with static ip, the wireless bridge (Netgear 3001) is configured to obtain an ip address from the DHCP server and it is working perfectly fine only the device that is behind the Wireless bridge is not getting the ip from the DHCP. The Device connected to the Wireless Bridge will work if assigned a static ip address.

SO to conclude is there anything that needs to be done to make the DHCP available for host behind a wireless bridge ? I switched from Ubiquity AP where this Wireless Bridge was working perfectly fine (there are not many setting on it anyway).

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Chris,

Where is the DHCP server located , could you draw the topology ?


New Contributor II

It is really nothing special no DHCP helpers involved etc. It is a flat network, 10.0.100.X/24. The gateway and the DHCP server are on, the Ruckus AP is on I can confirm that the DHCP server is operational as all other devices are getting ips from it.   

Thank you

RUCKUS Team Member
Ruckus does not officially support third party wireless bridge. According to PLM, "There is no standard connection format that allows the wifi connection to “host” multiple MAC addresses.  i.e.: multiple Ethernet devices on the bridge Ethernet ports but showing up as unique clients on the wireless system".
Robert Punsal
Principal Technical Support Engineer

So how do you guys do this with VMWARE, if I have a VMWARE Workstation on a PC connected via Wireless and given the Bridged network connection ?

Would I have to use the NATEed host ip address (which is an option on the VM) ?