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Clients not getting DHCP IP when connecting via R500 AP

New Contributor II
We have dozens of AP's around the campus which are all working properly.  However, 1 R500 is not allowing users to connect to the network.  When I look at the event log for that AP in Zone director it shows the following for clients when they attempt to connect:

User[CLIENT MAC ADDRESS] disassociated from WLAN[SSID] at AP[AP MAC ADDRESS] due to force DHCP timeout. User IP [], VLAN[10], DHCP-assigned-IP [], DHCP lease time [0].

It doesn't matter which ssid they try to connect to, the same behavior occurs.  When I disconnected this AP from the network, the users connect just fine although the signal is obviously not very strong.  So it would seem there is something going wrong on this AP.  I have reset it and reconfigured it but the same thing occurs.  Any ideas?  Bad AP maybe?

Again, DHCP and other AP's are all working normally.  Clients get IP from the firewall and that is also working fine.

The only thing that springs to mind is that the switch port it's connected too isn't set to a trunk port, or isn't setup to pass traffic on the vlans needed for the SSID's being connected too

New Contributor II
nope that's not it.  I've taken the AP back to my office (where it was initially configured) and it isn't working there either.  Different switch configured properly.

New Contributor
I had the exact same problem with an R310, it was managed via the controller and ap-firmware:

So I reset it, and installed stand-alone fw: r310_102.

Still the same problem. I sent it back to the distributor and they found there was a problem with the hardware, I ́m not sure what it was, but I got it replaced and now the new one works.

New Contributor II
Well after a little back and forth with ruckus support they too can't figure it out.  I also found a 2nd device with the same issue.  They are RMA'ing them both.