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Block Android devices in one SSID

New Contributor II
Hi, I have a 1100 Zonedirector with 10 7772 APs with WPA security.

I want to block only the Android devices, but When I make a new "Device Access Policy" in Configure-> Access Control menu: I created new policy with this optións:

Default Action if no rule is matched: Allow all by default
Order Description OS/Type Type Uplink Downlink VLAN Action

And now I go to configure->WLAN and choosing the SSID and in advanced option I active the Device Policy called "Block Andoid Devices".

I can see that the Android Devices are Blocked: Authorized (Blocked), but not only Android devices, this is the problem. There are many other devices With Windows 7 that are blocked. (The zonedirector can ́t read the Operatim System od the the device, it ́s blank).

PD: The 1100 Zonedirector is in 9.6 firmware. Thanks.

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New Contributor
This is very cumbersome issue. I am running into the same issue trying to use access control but we have a group of scanners and printers that are static ips. I have found that if they join the wireless once as dhcp then set it back to static, the dhcp information is in zone director and then the rules apply.

How hard is it to make the rule "Default Action if no rule is matched: Allow all by default " allow items with no information to connect.

Valued Contributor II
If we did that, then it would be trivial to avoid the block by simply assigning your own device a static IP.

I think a better solution is to have your DHCP server assign reserved IP addresses vs statically assigning the devices themselves. This gives you the best of both worlds and centralizes IP management as well.