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how do i convert R300 from controller mode to standalone mode

New Contributor
One of the my R300 got associated with a controller and now is in controller mode. I need to set it back to standalone mode. how do i do that

New Contributor III
Hello Adrian,

You can convert the AP into a standalone mode by factory defaulting the AP. There is no other way to get the ZD info wiped off the AP. Also if you connect the AP to a ZD managed AP, the AP will always connect to the ZD.
In case you do not want the AP to connect to the ZD on the network, you can SSH into the AP and execute the command : set director ip and then reboot the AP, this will stop the AP from connecting to the controller on the network.
Hope this helps.

Santosh Mathew

Valued Contributor II
first remove R300 from network and hard/factory reset to default.
second reconfigure the way you want as standalone...
third, before you connect it back to network, run command via SSH cli

set director ip

this will ensure that your AP does not get connected to controller...

Ruckus Tech Support recommends using invalid ZD IPs of, (you can specify two ZDs).

     set director ip

New Contributor II
First, factory reset,
Second, upgrade SA AP F/W.

You must go two step.