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Where to find working MIBs for vSZ-H (3.4)?

New Contributor II

I tried to find MIBs for vSZ-H 3.4. Unfortunately I only found "Ruckus SCG3.2 Mib-20151104" which obviously don't work for 3.4 because all Values represent "funny" values like:
"ruckuswlanap: $É¡7P" just for Example.

We were using PRTG for years now in Combination with ZD3000 which works really good (no matter which Version of MIBs used! As a matter of fact we're monitoring the ZDs via Managemant Interface IP to trace statistics even when a failover occurs!

The only things we would like to capture:
- CPU of AP
- MEM of AP
- num sta per WLAN (on vSZ) - SSID
- num sta per AP per WLAN and Radio

If I try to add monitroing to one AP with all SZ,SCG MIB's i tried I only get the Info that there's no SNMP Info for that LIB (SNMP Comminty Strings by the way are correct, even Agents on AP and vSZ are running)

Has somebody already tried to monitor vSZ-H 3.4?

Why do I need this, when we have working ZDs? Because after 3 years they're not that crispy anymore and start bugging us at each situation!

So help would be very appreciated!

New Contributor II
Have you also looked at the SNMP reference guide - . If this doesn't assist you, open a support case.

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