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GRE / Centralized Forwarding MTU - Jumbo frames?

Contributor II
We run a sparsely distributed WiFi hotspot network on our own infrastructure which supports frame sizes beyond 2000bytes in all network segments.

Currently we are dependant on using the "Tunnel WLAN traffic through Ruckus GRE" feature but aren't able to set the Tunnel MTU past 1500 or Auto as per the configuration screen.  We'd like to use GRE packet sizes beyond 1500 so that we can account to tunnel overhead and allow for clients to send/receive full 1500byte packets themselves without fragmentation.

Our tunnels to not transit the internet in any way, we have full control of the data path from AP to SZ-100.  The reason we want to do this is that there have been a few customer complaints linked to certain vpn clients not handling MTU very well and exhibiting tunneled application connection issues when not able to use a full 1500B.

I know it's the client's VPN software issue but, they're still the client and we need to cater to their needs as best we can.

Esteemed Contributor II
If you support jumbo frames throughout your network infrastructure, you do want the tunnel MTU increased, but if the SZ-100 screen won't let you, please open a ticket and request a bug be submitted.

New Contributor II

We also hit this limitation.  Perhaps following will help somebody:

- As you can't change default GRE Tunnel you need to create a new one with a higher MTU and let you WLAN use this new tunnel.

- Via CLI you can view/configure the MTU on AP's with "get mtu ..." and "set mtu ...".

- If you want to change the MTU on the Smartzone interface you need to open a ticket so Ruckus support can change it for you via remote session.

I requested feature request to do this via Smartzone 

Sounds like a good option for small deployments.  Hopefully this will get added to the traditional configs at some point.