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Cisco 7925s not connecting to new WLAN.

New Contributor
We are running a Smartzone 100 with R510 and R710 APs. We have 3 WLANs set up, and have added a 4th to separate our Cisco 7925s from other voice devices. The 7925s will not connect to the new SSID however. Testing with laptops and mobile phones show that these devices will connect and obtain an address via DHCP.  Is there a WLAn setting that needs to be configured on the APs to allow these phones to connect? Is there a CLI command to list the configuration of the other WLANs to ensure this WLAN is configured the same?

Valued Contributor II
do these 7925s connect ok on open SSID from SZ100?
have you applied any OS based device policy?..