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not working SCI v5.1.1 after a setting which dhcp ip to static ip

Valued Contributor

I tried to deploy latest SCI v5.1.1 for DEMO.

I notice that after I completed initial seup complete with dhcp ip, if I re-configured dhcp ip to static ip, I can't see properly login page.

In this problem, SCI show me "500 Internal Server Error".

Is it a intended or a bug?

If it's a intended work, should he fresh-install again when he installed SCI with dhcp ip by mistake?



Yes, it would be easier to do a fresh install with static IP.


Do you mean whenever customer modify ip, should he reinstall?

In addition I tried to change staic ip to another static ip.

I also can't access login page due to issue "500 Internal Server Error".


Is it not implement for flexible a change to ip yet? or Is it plan on further release?

If when you just change your IP and you have to reinstall the whole, which of your customers will purchase SCI?

If we have to reinstall SCI, can we backup and restore currently?


Good point about the IP address change. It can be done, but there are quite a number of steps involved (since SCI runs as a cluster with master and slave nodes, and if there is an IP change, every node needs to be informed, and the database updated accordingly, etc.)

However, the good news is we are going to make it easier for users to change the IP address. It will be available in the next release (SCI 5.1.2) which will be released very soon in the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned.


That's good news.

Some our partner was very confused and afraid about a change of IP due to inaccessable.

I am looking forward to the next release or futher release.