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Virtual vSZ-H & SCI log duration

New Contributor III
Hello, we are in talks with a possible client that among other features he requires (we comply with everything) he also wants to have an extensive log of various wifi related information. This includes client information (connection status, MAC address, OS type etc) as well other historical data (AP traffic, total TX/RX, SSID information etc). He requires to have at least 6 months worth of data stored at any given moment... our question revolves around vSZ-H and SCI

a) As far as we know, vSZ-H can provide various information regarding client and ap/ssid information through its reporting features. We have not found any information on whether this information can be stored either within vSZ-H or at least to a third party log server. Can vSZ-H provide this functionality?
b) SCI is supposed to be capable to have a large database holding a lot of information. Can anyone suggest for how long can SCI store logs in its database? We have not found any official information on this..

Thank you

third party log server will do the job

SCI is built for long term data storage for up to 36-months