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Ruckus SCI 3.5.0 setting > system not visible, but loading icion (fresh install)

New Contributor
After installing VM SCI 3.5.0  i want add a controller under "setting > system" , there is no +Add button, only a loading icon, that doesnt finish loading.

- I made vm with minimum hardware requirements for master mode (esxi)
any one ho knows to solve this? Not match i can do wrong i think.

Wanted te install for trail befor we buy it, but if this doesnt work... maybe a bug?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello,  I just wrote a KBA-7590 for this issue.

Spinning wheel under some Admin screens after upgrading, was only seen under FireFox (latest Chrome has no problem).

It may be necessary to unblock some Admin ports in your Firewall for FireFox.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43b135b77e2479d2e50_edc9dd8d48220d571b2b9d9e16ac0901_761470qr14_inline-8a389df8-48d6-47b9-a316-9e2ad7b27453-1991847423.png1515692145

You can quickly verify if ports are being blocked under FireFox by trying to go to the following link:

and click on "Advanced" link/button to add the exception.

Valued Contributor
Do you configure SCI behind NAT?

New Contributor
Its was as Michael Brade said, with Firefox it doesnt work, with Chrome it does work.