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Requirement for SCI

New Contributor II
Hi support,

I have some question about SCI and smartzone. Thanks
1. SCI can store archive wireless logs for 1 year with 90 day of logs available immediately?
2. SCI have archive IPS/IDS report for 1 year?
3. Smartzone support monitor for wireless intrusion attempts and alert personnel to potential comprise?

New Contributor III
1. SCI: Which logs are you specifically referring to? SCI retains AP, user, client and traffic data. Te retention period can be set from 1 month to 5 years. It does not retain syslog information. You'd need to set up an external syslog server and configure the SZ/APs to send syslog information to that.
2. SCI: In the 'Data Explorer' you can view rogue AP historical/current data.
3. SZ: SZ contains a Rogue AP Detection feature. It is not a full-blown IDS/IPS, but classifies Rogues and generates reports. See the User Guides' section 'Rogue Access Points' for more information.