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Backup/restore and changing IP address on SCI.

Valued Contributor

Can't do we still a backup/restore and changing IP address on SCI?

Customers and partners hesitate to purchase a SCI because of those.

Do ruckus have a plan for above?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Jeronimo

There is no mechanism to create and restore a backup of SCI data
            SCI uses multiple Data Nodes to expand capabilities and in this cluster mechanism all data is replicated twice across at 2 Data Nodes so data is already internally backed up in case of a single node failure.
           SCI expects data to expand to multiple terabytes so backing up data becomes untenable.
           The system used to cluster data is complicated (Hadoop/HDPS)

Changing SCI IP is also not possible as each piece of data actually includes SCI IP info, so the entire data base would require manual changing which would be an impossible task with any amount of data.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.



What do you think about SCI if you are a customer?

What do you think of SCI that can't backup / restore / IP address change if you move data center to a new location?

In that case, can Ruckus tell the customer to give up the existing data?

Please think about those again in aspect of customer.

Hi Jeronimo,

If you are moving place or location, we have ways to move/transfer data from existing SCI to new SCI. 

Regarding backup/restore, SCI don't have feature but the VM server have snapshot feature. So we recommend to take snapshot in schedule or before doing any config changes. So if anything happens, you will have backup to restore via snapshot.



Too bad.

Do ruckus have any method for changing IP address of SCI?