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Announcement: Smart Cell Insight (SCI) 2.3 GA Release is Available on Support portal

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Congratulations to Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI) development team for another milestone

release, full of new features.  In addition to the .ova (VMware) and .qcow2 (KVM) images,

we have a new ‘upack’ for Local Upgrade without using theCloud upgrader, and 4 scripts

to migrate data from SCI 1.4 to 2.x releases.  Find the Release Notes, other Documentation,

and download files under the SCI Product page, and at these links.  With best regards,


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.3 (GA) Release Notes:


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.3 (GA) Installation Guide:


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.3 (GA) User Guide:


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.3 (GA) API User Guide:


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.3 (GA) Software Release(.ova.tar image):


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.3 (GA) Software Release(.qcow2.tar image):


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.3 (GA) Software Release(Local Update image):



New Features

·        You can now view thelast SCG controller connection and uptime status by navigating to Admin >Settings > Controllers page.

·        The system now has avalidation to check the connectivity of the controller when adding thecontroller.

·        The system nowsupports GCE image.

·        No support licensecheck for upgrading to a new version of SCI.

·        The system now checksthe SMTP status from the user interface.

·        Introduced Events datacube to view information on events.

·        Added Traffic Rateinformation to the Network report.

·        The following newmeasures have been added to Data Explorer.

o   Unique Client Count for Clients and Sessions data cubes

o   Hostname Count for Clients and Sessions data cubes

o   AP Count for all data cubes

o   Username Count for Clients and Sessions data cubes.



·        Dimensions are nowconsistent among data sources. Uses the same naming conventions for the samecolumns.

·        Location and Backuplocation in the controller setup is now changed to URL and Backup URLrespectively.

·        Moved Druid indexinglog to /tmp/druid-indexing-logs where the log files will be cleaned upperiodically.

·        Restricted DockerDaemon docker0 bridge subnet to avoid clashes with customer subnet, which hassimilar IP addresses.

·        AP counts are seen asactuals.

·        Added automatedscripts to simplify the migration process from SCI 1.4 to SCI 2.x.

·        Upgraded Hadoop to2.7.3.

·        Upgraded Druid to0.9.2-rc.2

·        Upgraded Consul to0.7.0.

·        Upgrade PostgresSQL to9.5.4


·        SupportedFirmware

This release is compatible with the followingController firmware:

·        ZoneDirector release9.5.3 build 45 and above, 9.7 and above (ZD1100, 1200, 3k, 5k).

·        SmartZone 2.5 andabove (SZ100, SZ200, vSZ)


·        ResolvedIssues

·        Resolved an issuewhere migration of configuration table failed because PostgreSQL was not ready(since version 2.0).

·        Resolved an issuewhere changing of password was redirected to the login page when the currentpassword was wrong (since version 2.2).

·        Resolved an issuewhere setup sometimes failed due to undefined method node name for nil:NilClass(since version 2.1).

·        Resolved an issue byfixing XML parsing errors of string being found instead of Unix time (sinceversion 2.0).

·        Resolved an issue byfixing parsing errors where download of JSON from SmartZone failed due tounexpected no session (since version 2.0).

·        Resolved an issuewhere setup used to hang when setting up data node with the wrong master nodepassword (since version 2.1).

·        Resolved an issue wherethe migration task created multiple JSON files in the path/tmp/json-aggregator/ (since version 2.2).

·        Resolved an issuewhere duplicate values were seen in the report table (since v2.0.0).

·        Resolved an issuewhere receiving GPB data failed when it gets published to SCI after a gap ofmore than 48 hours (since v2.0.0).

·        Resolved an issue byremoving the Arcfour stream cipher from SSH server configuration (security bugsince 2.0). [RSA-1956]

·        Resolved an issuewhere login to SCI failed when data was first ingested (since v2.0.0).

·        Resolved an issuewhere the airtime utilization showed a value greater than 100% in ZD. This isfixed in ZD release 9.12.1 and above.

·        Resolved an issue ofincorrect number formatting from ZD.