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RTF Webinar - Introducing RUCKUS SmartZone 6.1 – Security and Scalability for MSP and Hospitality Operations

New Contributor II

Date: November 17, 2021.    Register here

Join your local RUCKUS Technical Family for our November webinar!

We will review the features introduced in SmartZone 6.1 in several different areas like Controller and AP functionality, architecture, UI and (ICX) management.

We'll also explore exciting architectural and security improvements such as:

  • Network Segmentation for MDU and Hospitality
  • Scaling Enhancements for MSP Operation
  • Better GUI Usability and • New Switch Management Options

Please Join us !       


New Contributor II

Here are the response to the Questions raised in the webinar. 

Q1.  How can I support the newer APs in a existing environment where I have AP models - R600, R500?   I have a requirement to add T350..  Can I use 6.1?

No, While T350 is supported in 6.1.    R500 and R600 can not be  supported beuond release is 3.6.2.   To accommodate both AP models in the same controller  – you will need enable multi-zone support – one zone hosting release 3.6.2 while another zone hosting 6.1.     6.1  however does not support a zone with 3.6.2.   For that you have to wait for release 6.1.1 which is planned for May/June time frame.

Image_ images_messages_6194b67d14a66e5df74fd360_bd26ae20ffecf9cb2aa2668a0658cf48_Screenshot20211117at15.59.07-ec927e09-9e11-4c1b-8564-52e34971bb57-854733630.png

New Contributor II

Q2  When is Ruckus releasing the R760 ?  Does recommending 6E made  sense considering  6GHz band use is still not open for use in most countries?

The R760 is planned for April/May release  Local availability will be subjected to in-country type approval.   Its true 6GHz use will need to clear regulatory barrier   But that should not stop you for recommending R760 in certain uses cases.  The R760 can also be  deployed with dual 5GHz along with the 2.4GHz radio.

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Q3.  Its great that Storm Control is now supported. Any recommended best practice values  can be provided?

There is actually no "best-practice" values for the storm control. It varies from customer to  customer, depending on the network environment, usage patterns, application usages .. One good practice is once configured  - continue to monitor the network over a period of time and observe  peak, non-peak hours   and then tweak the settings  when needed. 

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Dual tunnel Failover - what is the failover time?