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See what devices are using a specific application?

New Contributor

Ruckus R1 - 99 APs - Several thousand connected devices daily


We got a second warning letter from ISP stating someone is downloading copyrighted content using BitTorrent. I can verify BitTorrent is being used on our wifi by going into R1 portal - Wifi - Application Report.  However I have yet to find a way to see what device(s) are using it. It will only show ports and data amounts. 

I know that I can go into individual devices to see what apps they have used over a period of time, but that would mean scrubbing through thousands of devices to find it.  I was able to determine the 2 APs that had BitTorrent traffic. I then found the top data using devices but none of those devices were the culprit. 

Its frustrating since I know this information is in there somewhere but I'm not going to spend hours picking through all the data.  Is there any way to sort/search to find what devices have used a certain application?