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Cloud RRM vs. Background Scanning Channel selection - fighting each other?

New Contributor II

I have two R650s in my R1 venue. For 2.4GHz I have channels 1,6,11 selected and channel selection method set to 'background scanning'. Cloud RRM is also obviously enabled as well. On a near daily basis Cloud RRM gives me a recommendation. In the RRM comparison the ONLY change is from channel xzy to channel ABC for one or both radios.

It almost seems like cloud RRM is fighting 'background scanning' as channels are being changed outside of the RRM some automated process. Every recommendation looks like:

Original Configuration: Background scanning and 20 MHz for 2.4 GHz with static AP Tx Power
Current Configuration: AI-Driven RRM for channel and bandwidth plan with no change in AP Tx Power
Do I have something misconfigured that is going behind the back of Cloud RRM and changing channels? I thought channel selection would be more dynamic and real time that the once every day or two RRM recommendation.