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Welcome to the Ruckus Diagnostic Dashboard (RDD) Forum page!

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Ruckus Diagnostic Dashboard (RDD) is a lightweight tool that helps automate the troubleshooting and support process. RDD provides a single pane of glass view for Ruckus Support. Here you will find all the latest information on RDD releases, interact with the Product Management, and Support teams.

Interesting, because when I loaded it this morning, 5.1 wasn't a choice in the drop down list for vSZ-E.

Hi EightOhTwoEleven,

Thank you for the feedback! I see the problem and apologize for the confusion. In RDD please select the closest version to what you have deployed on the controller for now. We will auto correct the data format on our side. In a future release, we will auto-populate the version with what is detected from the controller and this configure step will not be needed. 

Best Regards, 

Do you have any documentation for after the install and once you log in (that's where the documentation currently ends)? It's somewhat seemingly ambiguous. Have to create cluster first (some might think the name has to coincide with their current cluster name), then add controller? It should be more wizard based to be honest. Perhaps get the Cloudpath people on creating a wizard for the UI to make it easier.

Hi EightOhTwoEleven,

Thanks for the advice. I know a few people at the Cloudpath team and will chat with them. We have a Quick Start Guide on the support page. However, it is being rewritten by our publications team. An updated Setup Guide should be posted to that page early next week. I’ll make sure to announce it here when it is available. 

Best Regards, 



Its there any beta version for ZD 3050?