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RDD 2.0 GA!

New Contributor III
Welcome to RDD 2.0! 

In this release we added containerization to enable RDD node clustering supporting environments larger than 10K APs and a device onboarding Wizard to easily add new devices. 

For New RDD customers please visit the Ruckus Diagnostic Dashboard Installation Guide for details on sizing RDD 2.0 environments and firewall rules. 

For existing RDD customers migrating from 1.11.x platforms to RDD 2.0

Support will push an RDD update version to 1.11.8+ containing the 2.0 migration script

From 1.11.8+ customers can download RDD 2.0 and choose to: 
  • Self-migrate using the Ruckus Diagnostic Dashboard Installation Guide 
  • Contact RDD support via email: and we will assist with the migration

Contributor III
So if 2.0 is GA, why is there still releases to 1.11? Is 2.0 not available from downloads?

New Contributor II
Sorry for the confusion, the 1.11.X version represents the RDD Control Panel code, which most users can associate with the Web Interface of RDD.

The new RDD 2.0 represents the Platform Code that will be running the RDD Control Panel. You can think of the Platform Code as the CLI and OS configuration that services the RDD Control Panel.

As a result, the RDD Control Panel 1.11.X can run in both the legacy RDD 1.2.X Platform and the new RDD 2.0.X Platform.  This is provided as a bridge for our legacy users to be able to migrate from the old platform to the new.

We will continue to provide patches to the legacy RDD 1.2.X Platform for only the RDD 1.11.X Control Panel.  Any future releases of the RDD Control Panel after the 1.11.X version will only be available for the RDD 2.0.X Platform.

All new OVAs release for download on the Support Site will ship with the RDD 2.0 Platform and the RDD 1.11.X Control Panel.  The OVA should have the Control Panel version (1.11.X) and the Platform version (2.0.X).

Hopefully this helps clarifies any confusion.