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RDD 1.10 is now GA!

New Contributor III

RDD 1.10.4 is now GA!

Feature Notes:

  • Existing RDD customers; there is no need to upgrade as this is part of the service unless expanding the environment beyond 10K devices
  • Customers that want to expand their RDD footprint beyond 10K devices have choices
  • Deploy a new RDD 1.10.4 OVA with Kubernetes and create a fresh install using the new install wizard
  • Wait for the RDD migration tool (early Q2/2020) 
  • Deploy a new RDD 1.10.4 OVA with Kubernetes and migrate existing RDD configuration 

RDD 1.10.4 Release Notes

  • Enhanced encryption for data at rest
  • Depreciation and removal of UI v1
  • Redesigned "Pre-deployment" to "Local-Deployment" for customers operating secured isolated environments

Bug Fixes:

  • Node disk display unit and critical services redirect link
  • Network speed normalization to bytes
  • Node display in global search
  • Entitlements time remaining and more Info link
  • Deletion of Zones/APs once Wireless Cluster is deleted
  • Switch Data table search and bulk import switches
  • Switch stack population and serial verification
  • Deduplication of switch stack members


  • Removed unused code deprecated from UI v1 to free up RAM usage

RDD 1.10.4 Release Notes for Kubernetes deployment

  • Inherits all of the features/improvements of RDD 1.10 above.
  • Integrated Kubernetes deployment and configuration for horizontal scaling of RDD.
  • Enhanced RDD TTY console for initial configuration and deployment.
  • Containerized all RDD applications and services for ease of deployment and upgrades. 
  • Master and Slave clustering supporting single Master and multiple Slaves.
  • Automated Elasticsearch clustering base on # of RDD nodes 

Contributor III
All of our entitlements are in a pending state. How do we fix that? Also, will the system auto-update to 1.10.15? 

New Contributor II
Hi EigthOhTwoEleven,

Please send us an email at and we can help you get upgraded to 1.10.16, which has a patch for entitlement verification.