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Did you mean: 'Down for maintenance'.

New Contributor III has been offline for several hours, presumably for an unplanned maintenance. I hope? I mean you would tell us right? Right in the middle of a transition from Ruckus Unleashed.

You dont even have so much as a Status page for your cloud services let along an email advisory to your clients!

How are we suppose to trust this platform or take it seriously if you're not communicating with us?

Every other enterprise wifi vendor I've dealt with that has a cloud based hypervisor takes these things more seriously.
CloudTrax, Aerohive, Meraki dont go offline. and IF they do go offline, its PLANNED and they proactively notify and communicate with their customer base.

This is leaving a particularly sour taste in my mouth after the tens of hours lost on the garbage Ruckus Unleashed solution we were sold with a capacity that was about one sixth of what were told it would be by a Ruckus engineer.

New Contributor III
Just tried to log into the mobile app and got the notice "Ruckus Cloud is undergoing scheduled upgraded. The upgrade starts(sic) at 5PM PDT on Saturday and will last for approximately 10 hours.

Would it have been so hard to put this on the static page you have at

How/When were we informed about this as clients?

New Contributor II

Sorry this evenings planned outage for Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi release 16.06 came as a surprise. The official outage notification was sent to all customers Tuesday Nov 8.

After checking your spam folder (we have to check) please create an online support case on the ruckus support site using your cloud email and we will ensure you don't miss another important notification in the future.

Releases occur around every 6 weeks so you can expect to see an outage notification around this timeframe.

Again our apologies for the omission and any inconvenience.



Ruckus Customer support

New Contributor III
For the record, I received the email notification. Thank you..

New Contributor III
We're now at 16 hours offline for the "No more than 10 hour upgrade".

Any updates on this?