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Seamless GUI transition from Cloud to Unleased

New Contributor III
Is there no way to get the Cloud interface onto Unleashed? It would be much slicker to have the same, or close to the same, interface for both products. I can envision a large portion of the Unleased user base wanting Cloud management and why have two seperate interfaces?

New Contributor
Are you talking about look and feel?

New Contributor III
Exactly, perhaps not 100% due to processor constraints on the APs, but close enough that if you know one you know them both.

New Contributor II
Once Unleashed AP gets cloud managed, and I think it would be a one-time process for customer (they need to then pay for the cloud subscription from then onwards), the customer can only manage the AP using the cloud (not the AP UI anymore - it would be disabled). So customer doesn't really get a chance to go back and forth. 
As per Unleashed UI being similar to cloud UI, that is a worthwhile discussion and perhaps discussed outside of this support forum. 

Esteemed Contributor II
  • Are any special AP certs required for Unleashed?  (ie "high entropy certificates")